TEDxGLMLive 2015 Truth & Dare

Great TED Talks often do one or both of the following:
… They give you a new lens on the world as it is.
… They offer new possibilities for the world as it might be.
For TED2015, we’re on a quest to magnify both facets. We will seek to challenge and reshape our core beliefs about today’s reality. And at the same time celebrate the thinkers, dreamers and mavericks who offer bold new alternatives.  Welcome to … Truth and Dare.

Este martes 17 de marzo, en el Gimnasio La Montaña estuvimos trasmitiendo el Live Streaming de TED2015 Truth & Dare. Compartimos con Octavo, Noveno, Décimo y un grupo de profesores.

¡Esperamos que lo hayan disfrutado!